Beneath the Waters


It’s finally here; Spring!  I have been waiting for this day since the day after Christmas.  I love the seasons; which is a huge part of why I love Michigan!  I will even admit to loving the snow…..from the first week of December until about mid January; then I long for Spring.  I cannot wait to see my tulips pop out of the ground and watch the trees in my yard bloom.  Watching the world transform from the dreary gray/brown into so many beautiful colors is like watching creation wake up.  I love it!

It sure didn’t look like Spring when I woke up this morning though!  We had MORE snow! It was still brown and dreary and the sun was definitely hiding.  I am getting so tired of this dreariness!  I want to open my windows, run outside, and not have to pack snow gear in the kids backpacks (wow, that is getting REALLY old)!  I want to go outside without putting on every bit of clothing I own!  But nope, without a doubt Spring did not show up as scheduled today. 

How many times have things not shown up in they way we expect?  Whether it’s something as trivial as Spring, or as big as God not answering our prayers in the way we dictate; there is always something that doesn’t go exactly as planned.  There is always something beyond our control.  Something that just makes us feel dreary and disappointed.  

Besides this ETERNAL winter, I can think of a few areas where I am saying to God; “REALLY!!! This is not at all what I expected you to do?”  Honestly, I am left wondering where he is?  I am confused and disappointed.  I feel so dreary…….

But under all of that dreary brown grass are my tulips.  And beneath all of those snow-covered branches are blooms waiting to burst open.  I just can’t see it yet!  The sun is up there behind those gray clouds and there is cool, refreshing water underneath all that ice.  I just can’t feel it yet! 

Matthew 5:3 (MSG) You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope.  With less of you there is more of God and His rule.   I feel at the end of my rope more often than not these last few weeks; and the Lord is right here with me and my faith is being strengthened while I wait Spring!



The song Oceans from Hillsong United is a great reminder of the comfort we can have while our faith is being strengthened!  You can listen to it here