We’ve got the perfect bird bath for you

No Bird Wants To Be A Dirty Bird

Cleaning Up The Neighborhood One Bird At A Time

If you want the birds in the hood to spend time in your yard, don't forget to provide them with a nice backyard spa or they may choose to spend their time elsewhere. One or more bird baths should be incorporated as vital elements when creating your outdoor bird sanctuary. A bird bath doesn't have to be just for the birds. A beautiful bird bath can also serve as a garden ornament, be a small shimmering pool, or even be disguised as an outdoor sculpture used to decorate your wildlife garden.

The actual scientific importance of baths to birds is unknown, but we all know that birds love having water close by for bathing and drinking. It’s fascinating to understand how seriously birds take the business of bathing.

Scientific studies suggest that bathing plays an important role in maintaining a bird’s feathers, which are a bird’s lifeline. Their feathers provide insulation, waterproof their bodies and supply the power to fly. Because feathers naturally get replaced only once or twice a year, they need to be kept in good condition. The combination of the sun, mites, bacteria and natural wear can cause year-old flight feathers to appear tattered and dull. Studies suggest that a good bath keeps those valuable feathers in the best condition possible. And, even beyond maintaining feathers over the long term, bathing makes a bird a more quick-thinking flier that is better able to escape predators in the short term.

Robin taking a bath

It is not a question of whether or not you should get a bird bath for your bird sanctuary. The hardest part will be deciding from all our 100% U.S.-made options how you will help them keep it clean.

Here we go…

Pedestal Bird Baths

The Pedestal Bird Bath is the most classic form of backyard bird bath, usually made of molded concrete or glazed terra cotta consisting of two pieces: the bowl, which is elevated onto a pedestal. It can be a simple bowl or an elaborate carved marble chalice.

Robin on a pedestal birdbath

Water Misters & Drippers

The mister as the name implies, releases a fine watery mist. Misters allow the water to stay fresh and keep the birds coming back for more. The dripper is also a great addition to your birdbath, making it the freshest and busiest one! The dripping sound attracts birds, and the moving or rippling water prevents mosquitoes from breeding. In colder regions, a dripper will make your birdbath slower to freeze.


Hanging Bird Baths

The hanging bird bath is lightweight with durable hanging chains or cables that are easy to hang, clean and fill. It is usually a very decorative garden accent that blends into the landscape.

goldfinches bathing in a hanging bird bath

Decorative Bird Baths

Ornamental or a decorative bird baths add beauty and elegance to your garden or patio. They can be made of handcrafted copper, metal, ceramics, glass, and durable poly-stone, or even cast stone. Decorative bird baths often add quality and durability to your sanctuary, assuring many seasons of birding pleasure.

Decorative Birdbath

Ground Bird Baths

A ground bird bath is a low, ground-level basin that birds can access for drinking and bathing. It serves as a supplemental bath to puddles and ponds in arid areas or during the hottest summer months where water is scarce.

Starling bathing in a bird bath on the ground

Deck Mounted Bird Baths

Deck Mounted Bird Baths Provide an up-close experience, giving great views and are also easy to clean and fill due to their smaller size. They are available with clamp-on iron hardware that will not damage porch or deck rails. Extended brackets are ideal for hanging baths on a deck or porch too.

Deck Mounted Bird Bath

Heated Baths & Heaters

Heated bird baths give your backyard birds a plentiful source of water so the birds do not have to use extra energy melting snow. Some heated bird baths turn on only when the temperature drops below freezing, saving on electricity. Heated bird baths cost just pennies a day since they don't require much electricity to run.


Heaters and de-icers help maintain an ice-free birdbath that keeps the wild birds coming back even in sub-zero temperatures!

heated bird bath in the winter

Fountains & Water Wiggler

A bird water fountain contains a pump to circulate the water in to moving, dropping, or even splashing and is actually better than a simple basin full of water.


A water wiggler agitates the water in your bird bath, creating constant soundless ripples on the surface of the water and usually operates on a couple of D-Cell batteries. Birds love moving water and it keeps mosquitos from laying eggs in otherwise stagnant water.


wet sparrow bathing in a fountain