We’ve got your perfect bird feeder

Invite the birds. Find your rest. And be prepared to be awed.

Bird Feeders

During these crazy times, the right bird feeder can open you up to a new world of enjoyment, contentment, awareness and appreciation. There are millions of bird enthusiasts on call everywhere ready to back up that statement.

The new flying visitors your feeders will attract promise to add to your life in very practical ways, also. Think insect control. Flower pollination. Weed control. Birds are some of nature’s most important and beautiful creatures.

Introducing a bird feeder or, better still, bird feeders to your place will result in a true win/win. Birds benefit greatly from your helping hand. And your new “outdoor pets’ will bring you endless photo ops and a renewed appreciation of nature.

The best bird feeders have common characteristics. They are tough enough to withstand the elements as well as any unwanted visitors. They are easy to assemble and equally easy to keep clean. They are also built to ensure the seeds stay dry.

If we don’t have the exact type of bird feeder you’re looking for, rest assured that none exist.

No one knows 100% Made in America bird feeders like we do. The biggest challenge will likely be choosing from all of the great alternatives that we offer.

Here we go…

Squirrel-proof or squirrel-resistant feeders:

It’s not your intention to feed the squirrels, but it is their desire to steal the food you’ve left out for your flying friends. Relax. We’ve got a variety of feeders built to outfox those persistent, crafty furry visitors.

Caged bird feeders:

This classic design looks and acts exactly as its name implies. It keeps starlings, crackles, and other large birds out while smaller birds can easily gain access.

caged bird feeder with painted bunting

Platform or tray feeders:

This type of bird feeder is the most egalitarian, welcoming virtually any type of bird with its easy access. The seeds, poured directly onto a flat tray, or platform, are easily attainable by the widest species of birds.

House Finch eating at a platform bird feeder

Hopper bird feeders:

Distinctively different from platform feeders, hopper feeders offer an enclosed container, or hopper, that stores the feed. Its popularity stems from, in part, by the fact that its design renders it tidier and more sanitary.

Hopper style bird feeder

Tube bird feeders:

Picture a long, slender tube that offers enough space to attach multiple ports...and attract multiple birds simultaneously. Most are heavy duty and easy to maintain.

tube bird feeder with Great Tit

Nyjer feeders:

These finch feeders come in different styles (tube, mesh and sock), but each dispenses Nyger seed. The tube feeder can even offer feeding ports beneath the perches to force the finch to feed upside down. Each boasts its unique merits.

Seven American Goldfinches Birds Enjoy Nyjer Seeds or Thistles Seeds from a Bird Feeder

Window bird feeders:

Your flying friends, up close and personal; that is the true advantage of feeders that literally sit on your window. Most can even be filled from the indoors if your window cooperates. Birds are also less likely to crash into their reflection, as they will be lasered focused on the sight of their next meal.

window feeder with bluebird eating

Decorative bird feeders:

The feeders featured here are designed to be decorative. Rather than simply appeal to your new flying friends, they are created to enhance the beauty of your outdoor environment. If you are looking for a work of art this is a great place to start.

decorative bird feeder hanging from a branch in the fall

Bluebird feeders:

Because bluebirds are sleek and can sneak into tight spots, bluebird feeders often feature plastic panels and small entrance holes. Those holes welcome the bluebirds while keeping bigger birds at bay.

bluebird feeder

Pole or post mount feeders:

Let’s face it, not everyone has trees to hang their feeder from. That’s why some feeders are specifically designed to mount on a post or pole. When paired with a baffle, these can be great deterrents from those pesky critters that are trying to steal your bird’s seed

Pole Mount Bird Feeder

Recycled or green feeders:

These feeders are made of recycled plastic and are often the least likely to peel, decay or fall apart. Think eco-friendly meets natural.

Recycled Green Feeder

Fruit and nut feeders:

These feeders are constructed with the intention of attracting birds who do not only seek out seed feeders but fruit and nuts as well. The feeders tend to include a bowl in which fruits or nuts are placed. The feed must be carefully watched, especially during hot months of the year to avoid mold or spoilage.

nut bird feeder with blue tit bird

Suet feeders:

Sometimes called block feeders, suet feeders can take many forms. They simply must accept a congealed block of suet. They can be as simple as a wire cage or a wood pre-drilled log. Woodpeckers and other clinging birds absolutely love them!

suet cake with woodpecker

Hanging feeders:

These feeders are designed with the intention of being safely hung from tree limbs and man-made structures. It is important that they be able to withstand the elements, particular winds. Some come equipped with wire hangers or hooks for a simple easy installation on tree limbs or Pole hangers.

House Finch bird balancing on a hanging bird feeder

Cedar feeders:

As might be expected, feeders constructed of wood can take many forms. They are popular for their natural appeal and their ability to blend in aesthetically with most environments.

wooden bird feeder

Special bird feeders:

As the name suggests, these unique feeders are designed to attract and welcome special songbirds. Birds like chickadees and nuthatches are attracted to birdhouses that feature particular nuances. There is real science to their design.

Specialty Bird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders:

These feeders are designed to provide readily available nectar for hummingbirds. That eliminates their need to expend energy searching for it. Their design also ensures that squirrels, bugs, and other birds are kept at bay.

hummingbird drinking from a feeder on a sunny day

Oriole feeders:

Because orioles have an entirely different diet, that changes throughout the year, than most other feeder birds, oriole feeders often offer multiple feed ports. Many offer the ability to also hang orange halves.

oriole bird eating fruit