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Ruby Hummer Sun Hat

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Made in the USA
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Product Description

Experience the thrill of watching the hummingbirds enjoying a peaceful time feeding on nectar under the protection of this sun hat. The sun hat keeps the nectar cool and shields it from the rain. The bright red color makes it easy for hummingbirds to find your feeder. It also stops squirrels due to its sloping shape and keeps pigeons from roosting. Best of all, the clear red dome does not block your view of the hummingbirds! Purchasers are thrilled with the success this Hummer Hat has in deterring squirrels. They describe it as the BEST and only baffle that truly keeps squirrels off the feeder that hangs below it and confirm that the length and the slope are big enough that the squirrels just can't reach around and get on the feeder.

Made in the USA from 1/8 inch thick red Plexiglas and comes with a 24-inch easy-to-hang chain and a Lifetime Warranty. 17-inches clear dome, 100% recycled Plexiglas construction. Weighs 2 lbs. 13.00 (D) x 17.00 (W) x 8.00 (H) inches

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