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Aspects Plum Mini HummBlossom

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Made in the USA
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Product Description

HummZinger feeders are admired by hummingbird enthusiasts everywhere, who describe them as the best ever made. These exquisite 4-oz. capacity feeders have three feeding stations. The high-view wraparound perch allows each hummingbird to rest and feed at their own perch (without sharing). The raised feeding ports also serve to divert rain. Since hummingbirds are so territorial, you may want to place several of these alluring feeders around your yard.


One hummingbird lover who has several feeders in her yard says the hummingbirds enjoy sitting on the perch and drinking since there is plenty of room for them to sit comfortably to put their bills inside the drinking holes. And they are thrilled that you can actually see the hummingbird nectar move about as the hummingbird is drinking since the base is clear. But, this enthusiast believes the best part is that the drinking holes do not touch the nectar so there are no mold issues, which is vital to keeping the birds healthy. Enthusiasts are also delighted that this feeder is easy to clean, having no hidden areas.

Includes brass hanging hook. The plum-colored plastic cover has clear plastic basin for monitoring the nectar levels and is constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate. It has an easy-to-clean twist-off cover to clean and fill and won’t drip or leak. It is proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by a Manufacture Lifetime Guarantee.


.35lbs  5.00 (D) x 5.50 (W) x 2.40 (H) inches

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