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BO's Marmalade Window Oriole Feeder

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Made in the USA
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Product Description

This window-mounted 5 oz. dish is a must-have for a uniquely personal birding experience. Do you want to enjoy these beautiful fruit-loving birds up close? Orioles, Mockingbirds, Tanagers, Catbirds and more will flock to this BO's Marmalade Window Feeder giving you a detailed, unobstructed view as you sit in the comfort of your home.


And for those who enjoy photographing the birds, you will get some unusual shots from this perspective. The birds can perch on the solid clear plastic dish with a scalloped, orange plastic rim that has a skewer in the center to hold an orange.


And you can take note that the dish is simple to remove for easy cleaning. The highly durable polycarbonate feeder rests on a hidden stainless steel mounting wire secured by two sturdy suction cups to your window. Enjoy giving sweet treats to your birds such as orange pieces, marmalade or jelly or even mealworms in this unique feeding dish!


Weighs .13lbs and measures 6.00 (D) x 5.00 (W) x 4.00 (H) inches, Proudly made in the USA.

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