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Droll Yankees Sunflower Domed Caged Feeder

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Made in the USA
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Product Description

You can rest in the fact that this Domed Cage Tubular Feeder is welcoming to songbirds. They can easily slip through the 1 1/2-inch openings to feed at the six feeding ports, but squirrels and larger birds cannot get through. The ease of use and maintenance makes this large capacity tube feeder a joy to own.


It holds 2 ½ lbs. of mixed seed and extends above the clear dome to make refilling easy. A spring clamp keeps the dome in place and is easy to remove for cleaning. You can hang the feeder by the chew-proof stainless steel wire or pole mount the feeder using the threaded base. The clear dome keeps the birds and feed dry and allows a clear view of the birds.


It has been called the best Tubular Feeder you can buy! A California bird lover says that this feeder has been phenomenal. In a few short weeks 9-11 birds at a time began feeding from the well-constructed feeder. And, no squirrel or any other critter has attempted to dine from the feeder.


Includes Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage. Proudly made in the USA with UV stabilized polycarbonate and weighs 6 lbs. It measures 15.25 (D) x 15.25 (W) x 22.25 (H) inches

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